Street Food

Ideal for customers who want their food tasty, ready to go and easy to eat. 

Inspired by the recipes of Mexico, India, China, Korea and the melting pot of the USA. We provide the filling, you provide the wrapping.

Popular Fillings

Chicken Piri Piri

Suggested Serving; In Pitta Bread and Salad

Sliced Beef Short Rib

Suggested Serving; Hot Beef Roll

Scillian Aubergine Caponata

Suggested Serving; Potato Topping

Chilli con Carne

Suggested Serving; Topped with Cheese and Sour Cream in a Bowl

Glazed Asian Pork Belly

Suggested Serving: On a bed of Noodles or Rice

Pulled Pork

Suggested Serving; Wrapped in a Tortilla with Salad